How do I order?

Simple as 1...2...3!

1) Pick the subscription plan that best suits you from our Individual, Couples, or Family Plans. Our plans each week on Tuesday at noon CST!

2) Choose your specific meals from our menu that you want delivered the following week.

3) Check out.

Each Sunday you'll receive a text on your phone to choose your meals from our menu for the following weeks delivery. Our menu rotates each week, so we can keep our meals seasonal and exciting. 

All of our plans are currently subscriptions. Each subscription will process on Tuesday at noon CST for the next week, so if you do not choose your meals or opt to skip that week, the Nourish team will happily choose meals based on your preferences!  We leave ordering open until Thursday at 12pm CST for new orders.

When will my delivery arrive? How much is shipping?

We deliver across the country, so delivery and shipping costs will vary based on where you live. Before you checkout, you will see the delivery options screen for your location and the cost of your specific location.

Deliveries in downtown Birmingham and surrounding suburbs are delivered on Sunday between 12-5pm via courier.

Deliveries outside of downtown Birmingham will arrive Wednesday or Saturday; you choose!

When you receive your meals, simply unpack them into your fridge and they are good for 5-6 days. All meals have a "consume by" date on the individual label.

Can I pause, change or cancel?

Each Sunday you will receive a text prompting you to choose your meals for the following week. When you click the link you can simply select "SKIP" for the following week. You may skip as many weeks as you need.

If you would like to change to a new plan, simply choose the plan you desire, pick the meals for the upcoming week and checkout. Then click the "Account" tab and cancel your old subscription.

If you would like to cancel your subscription, please click the "Account" tab on the text link and scroll to the bottom of your subscription to cancel. Because of our production schedule, any orders canceled after Tuesday at 12pm CST will still receive their meals the following week. We are always happy to work with you to reroute the food to a different delivery address, or adjust your meal selections, but cannot provide refunds after Tuesday at 12PM CST for the following week.  

Can you accommodate allergies?

We work in a kitchen that processes common allergens: NUTS, EGGS, SOY, SHELLFISH, GLUTEN, & MILK. However, we can accommodate all of the above allergies. When you initially check out, please select your allergies and each week you will only see the meals from our menu that are appropriate for your dietary restrictions. And if you ever have a question, please feel free to reach out to us via text or email 

Can you provide nutrition for each meal?

We currently have the Macronutrients on each meal label and online as well. We include CALORIES, PROTEIN, CARBS, SUGAR, FAT AND SODIUM.


Is the packaging recyclable?

For local Birmingham deliveries, we will accept cooler totes and ice packs back and reuse them. Please leave out on Sunday morning and our courier will retrieve them when delivering your new bag.

For all other deliveries, please recycle! All of your packaging can be recycled. 

Where are you located? Can I pick up?

Our commercial kitchen is located in Birmingham, Alabama. We make all of the meals there and ship from that location only. Unfortunately, our kitchen is not accessible to foot traffic, so we cannot accommodate any walk-up & purchase orders. 

How should I reheat my meals? Can they be frozen?

Each meal label has reheating instructions, nutrition facts, and ingredients. Our meal trays can go directly into either the microwave or the oven and provides instructions for both. The plastic sealed lid can also be reheated and is recommended for maintaining moisture in the meal. 

If you aren't able to eat your meal by the CONSUME BY date, you are always welcome to freeze the meal. They will freeze for up to 3 months. To reheat from frozen, simply thaw in the fridge and reheat per the instructions on the label.

I have received a gift card. How can I redeem?

Simply pick out a plan, enter your information, select your meals and use your Gift Card code during the checkout process. Any unused funds from your gift card balance will stay in your account and be used on a future order. 

Please email us with any further gift questions.


I would like to set up a calendar for my friend/coworker to receive Nourish a few months?

For those friends, coworkers, or family members that need of meals for multiple weeks or months, you may simply purchase gift cards or weeks of meals on her behalf and he/she can use the gift card code at any point. Gift cards do not expire.




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