Tiffany's Summertime Caprese Pizza

Before Tiffany started Nourish Foods in 2014, she was the Test Kitchen Director for one of the largest epicurean magazines, Cooking Light. Now shuddered, Tiffany ran the kitchen, meaning all recipe development and actual recipe testing for every item in the magazine {read: a very LARGE job}. Here’s one of her very own recipes she developed for CL a few years back, Caprese Pizza.

Not only a great chef, but an avid gardener as well, Tiffany loves to feature fresh, seasonal produce in all of the recipes she develops. In this recipe, she highlights two stars of Summer in the South: heirloom tomatoes and basil (both which she grows in her very own garden in Homewood, AL). We hope you’ll give it a try and leave us feedback after the jump.

caprese pizza.png
Mary DrennenComment