2019 Nourish Challenge Recap

First, I would love to highlight a few quotes from our staff.

I've been doing a combination of intermittent fasting with 16:8 and 5:2 method. At first it was difficult because I was used to waking up and eating, and being up for 4-5 hours without eating made me feel a little sluggish but now I feel like I have more energy, I've also been exercising more and logging my food to count calories. I feel great and think this is more of a lifestyle change then a diet fad.” - Alexis Jones, Head Chef

“I feel like this challenge has made me more aware of how much I move each day. Wearing the pedometer and checking it has pushed me to move more and I find myself changing my routing to add more steps. On days where I fall super short of steps I usually know it in advance and choose to take a break from running around (literally) but I also reigned in my eating on those days to try and match my activity.” - Tiffany Davis, Co-founder

So, the Nourish challenge has been a challenge. We are thankful for the clients that have chosen to participate and we cannot wait to do this again. As a group, it is so much easier to make good choices when you have others around you doing the same! Overall, Gary (paleo) has seen the best results. Mary (counting macros) and Carly (keto) have been forced to be more aware of what they consume. Danny (gain muscles, lose fat) is the most likely to continue long term.

In conclusion, we look forward to the next challenge and more team building opportunities in the future!

Mary Drennen