Nourish does Disney --- THANKFULLY!

All my friends told me that a trip to Disney (my son turned 7 so it was time!) was NOT a vacation but an experience and, true to life, I waltzed in and crawled out… Whether you and your family are headed to the “Happiest Place on Earth”, the beach or a dude ranch in the midwest, I KNOW that tweaking your Nourish order and having it sent to you will make some things a WHOLE LOT EASIER (and less pricey!).

I called ahead to our hotel (The Contemporary) and learned that my room would have a small fridge. I got lots of advice from friends that breakfast would be best had in my room so I was targeting solutions for that and some snacks that my crew would like. After looking at the things I would be offered in each of the parks, I knew I could not make it through a theme park day on soft pretzels and Mickey shaped ice cream IF I was going to go full tilt at dinner (Which I did!).

I altered my regular dinners and lunches order to have fridge friendly items: Grainless Granola, Energy Bites, Yogurt and Granola with Fruit and a pint of Chicken Salad. I arrived on Saturday and so did my food. For a meager $5 fee (from Disney) I retrieved my box and stocked my fridge. With a few zip top bags that I packed, our healthier snacks were set. In the morning I made little parfaits with the granola, yogurt and fruit with the glasses from our mini bar. They made it super chill for us to graze and get ready at a leisurely pace, totally the opposite of our home lives.

In the end, we had the chicken salad to snack when our dinner reservations were late, and the snacks were a hit. I didn’t have to eat a lot of energy draining stuff at the parks (and used my snack credits for yummy coffee in the morning!)

It never sounds super sexy to eat food you would have at home on a vacation but I altered my order to fit my needs and it really paid off. I also was able to pre order some items to have at home when I returned so I wouldn’t have to run to the grocery store. Win/Win!

Our customer service group will always help you to change your order and address for any special event or trip. Business, pleasure etc, if you are in the US, we can get you fed or just supplement your indulgent meals with handy healthier options.

PS — yes! I was one of THOSE people and I wore the matching Mickey shirt! LOL

Mary Drennen