Tiffany's Bone Broth

We have let you all in on many of our favorite health tips and tricks but this is our best kept
secret. Bone broth is easy to make or buy. In our minds, it is a superfood. Whether you stock it
as a cooking staple or not, it may be time! Below you will find our very own chef and co-
founder's chicken stock recipe. In addition, I have listed some of the reasons this is a nutrition

2 pounds – 2.5 pounds of organic chicken thighs – bone in
8 cups of cold water

Place the chicken thighs and cold water in the crockpot
Leave on low for 10 hours
Cool the bone broth- lid must be off
Pull the fat of off the top
Pull the bones out, cut in half, place back in the broth
Heat crockpot on low for 10 hours over night again

Why bone broth…
Metabolism booster
Joint health
Gut health
Weight management

Mary Drennen