Do you enjoy a “cheat” meal?

Cheat meals are a heavily debated topic. Some people claim that one indulgence won't make or break your diet while others argue that giving into your cravings can lead to a cheat week or even month. Do you enjoy a cheat meal? Here at Nourish, we would all admit that we have no issue enjoying a burger or a slice of pizza from time to time. We do think that it is perfectly fine to indulge in moderation. BUT how do you continue to stay on track afterward? Here are our 5 simple tips to get your rear in gear after a cheat meal!


1. Plan to cheat – plan a meal so that it does not end up being a day long thing!


2. Stay active that day – you will feel better!


3. Be reasonable – try not to overdo it.  


4. No 2nds – back to that don’t overdo it thing…


5. Don’t feel guilty- it is perfectly fine to enjoy ONE cheat meal!

Mary Drennen