Meet Carly

Hey all! My name is Carly Crawford and I am a marketing and sales coordinator at Nourish foods. How did I get here? Well, I was born and raised in North Atlanta. Then, I went on to Samford University and studied both Nutrition and Marketing. I have always loved the food industry, and I knew I did not want to go the clinical route with nutrition pretty early on. For my major, we had to complete copious internship hours. My last semester of college, I finished mine up at Nourish. It was by far the best experience I had! It felt like a family and everyone pitched in in every aspect! After finishing school up, I started my first job as a Child Nutrition Manager at a local elementary school. I knew I wanted to stay in the food service industry but was not sure this was a great fit. I told myself I needed to stick it out for two years, but that quickly changed when Nourish made me an offer to join their team. There was no hesitation.

I absolutely love what I do. Working for a rapidly growing company presents daily challenges, but in my opinion, that is half of the fun. Overcoming these challenges

often bring growth both individually and as a company. I am SO thankful I had the opportunity to join this team early on and see it grow from the ground up!


Mary Drennen