Interning at Nourish

Hello, everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I’m currently interning at Nourish. I’ve lived in Birmingham for the last five years; during this time, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics at Samford University and then began their dietetic internship and Master of Nutrition program. I’m so happy that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from Mary and the Nourish Team. I’ve learned so much about food service and business during my time here and I’ll be truly sad to leave in a few short weeks. Because I don’t have too much longer here, I thought I would share about my experience with these wonderful people and their super cool company!

During my time here, I’ve experienced the craziness in the Nourish kitchen, the logistics teams’ careful planning, and brainstorming in the office with Mary, Tiffany, Margaret, and Carly. It really is a complex machine to run and I’m so impressed with how well they’ve handled the bumps along the way. Seeing how the entire Nourish team manages the many curveballs of running a business with grace, tact, and delicate decision making has given me a glimpse into the dedication and skill it takes to run a successful business. They are constantly coming up with new, great ideas and searching for customer feedback on how they can improve their company.

Being at Nourish has been busy, exciting, fun, and delicious. I can’t wait to see how they will continue to grow and blossom!

Mary Drennen