How to make a salad a meal…

Have you ever eaten a massive salad for lunch or dinner, then wonder why you are so ravenous a few hours later? A salad is always a healthy alternative but not always the most filling option. Whether you are watching your weight or just needing to mix in your greens, let’s build a main-course salad with these simple, easy tips.

1. Protein packed

- add a 6 ounce portion of your favorite meat

2. I am berry full

- throw some fruit on it, who said salads just have to be veggies

3. Are you nuts over this salad?

- add some crunch with a half of a handful of pecans, almond slivers or cashews

4. Avocad-oh yeah!

-  add a half of an avocado to fill you up, these babies are packed with healthy fat and fiber

5. Carb crazy

- toss a half of a cup of whole-grain quinoa on top or some starchy vegetables such as sweet potato wedges


Mary Drennen