How to get back to healthy…

Okay, eating well and being active is harder than it sounds, We think summer vacations never help. Now that we are all getting back into our routines, let’s get back to a healthy lifestyle too. We think it is easier to start with small changes and grow from there. Sometimes the big picture can be overwhelming. Below are a few small tips to help kick start you back into gear…

  1. Don’t grocery shop or eat alone… have an accountability partner! It is a game changer!
  2. Drink more water! This might be the simplest, easiest start to a healthier you… I know we have mentioned this before.
  3. The all famous… stop skipping breakfast.
  4. Pack your lunch… eating out constantly opens the door for poor choices. If you are crunched for time, let us pack your lunch for you.
  5. Sleep. This is not a topic we have touched on yet, but it is so important. Shortage of sleep is associated with a higher risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems. It also is linked to decreased ability to pay attention, higher chance of car accidents and diminished memory capacity.
  6. Sit less, stand more.
  7. Commit to exercising… whether it is once every week or everyday… commit to it!
  8. This one is last because we think it is going to be the hardest… cut out processed foods. This is going to be a process… lol!
Mary Drennen